Prices now in EUROS

Prices on our website has been changed to EUROS from GBP. Our payment provider process payments in Euros and we are hoping this change helps with some payment issues. The amount you pay is still the same just in EUROS

16th Mar 2019
Paying with Paypal.

Paying with Paypal is currently problematic.  We are looking into it and hoping to have a resolution soon.  We do not have an ETA.Please use Mastercard/Visa and Cryptocurreny for now.Pay using Bitcoin by way of credits cards to pay for your service.  It is really easy and keeps your information private.You can buy Bitcoin using credit cards ... Read More »

15th Dec 2018
Helix Android App 1.6.6 now available via download.

Helix Version 1.6.6 has now been released.

1st Sep 2018
Device cannot handle all the VOD titles? We can remove it. Just send us a ticket

We have noticed some device/applications especially ones integrated to a TV cannot handle all our VOD titles.

Just send us a ticket and we can remove VOD!

11th Aug 2018
Is it for me?

At Helix we are dedicated to helping our customers have the best viewing experience possible. IPTV isn't for everyone, and expectations may be that it's a matter of sign up and go, but this isn't the case for everyone. IPTV is only as reliable as your own setup, meaning that in order to get the best viewing experience there is some things that ... Read More »

5th Jun 2018
UK Helix

It's been a terrific couple of weeks for Helix. Many customers have signed up and enjoying our services. It's been really exciting times. After listening and having really interesting conversations with our customers, we identified these interesting tidbits There is an overwhelming amount of customers from the UK These customers really only ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2018
Bitcoin Now Available

As from today, users have the option to use 1 of 2 payment gateways. Paypal or via Coinbase.  

Simply select which payment provider you wish to use on checkout. 

All accounts are setup in realtime, so as soon as funds have succesfully reached us, your account information will be dispatched.

13th May 2018
Welcome to Helix Hosting

Our premium IPTV service works on a huge variety of devices, including MAG, Buzz, Dreamlink, Enigma, zGemma, iOS, Android and PC. Included are hundreds of international channels in HD along with a huge selection of Video on Demand movies. Subscriptions start from only £6.00 a month. 

Premium IPTV Subscription at low pricing!

11th May 2018